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Blue Sky Tie-Down System

  • Tie-down systems are the heart and soul of who we are. We design, engineer, supply, and support our systems. Rod-systems are easier to install, less overall waste, less jobsite confusion, and most importanlty cost effective.
  • Our system includes a shearwall rod system, if necessary an uplift restraint system, and a girder tie down system.

What is aTie-Down System?

1. Shearwall System

• Resists tension load due to overturning moments through the use of a continuous load path based system. Our system is designed using a combination of threaded rods, bearing plates, and take-up devices.
• Our system of choice is our threaded rod tiedown system, but depending on the job we may choose to use a traditional system due to cost or other variables.

2. Uplift System

• Resists roof uplift loads resulting from wind. our uplift system is designed using threaded rod, bearing plates, screws and straps to create a tie down system to dissipate the uplift forces.

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