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Framing Hardware

  • Framing Hardware can fill a variety of applications within a structural hardware package. It is important to have a design that accounts for all the components that are being brought together to accomplish the project.
  • In our complete solution we identify if a traditional hardware system is more cost effective and easier to do than a rod system, and each job is supplied accordingly. If the job is a replacement rod system, we make sure that we build the hardware package to accommodate the hardware that remains.

Components of Framing Hardware?

  • Shearwall Holdowns and Strapping (Optionally Tie Down System)

  • Uplift Strapping and Roof Tiedown Hardware (Optionally Tie Down System)

  • Post/Column Caps and Bases

  • Ledgers and Hangers

  • Misc Fasteners

  • Misc Strapping

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