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  • Anchorage solutions are an integral part of the complete hardware system. Whether the anchors are embed or post install, our goal is to make the structural hardware system a fully integrated solution.
  • Our solution provides a variety of tools and components to make the structural hardware system fully integrated solution.

Anchorage Solutions

Podium Embed Anchors

• Anchor rod chairs and corresponding anchors are provided with our podium jobs to make for a complete anchorage solution.
• Anchor dimension layouts are provided to help position embed shear rods in the appropriate locations

Custom Embed Plates

• Some jobs may require custom embed plates throughout the job. We are equipped to fabricate and supply all of the plates required for your job.

CMU Anchorage

• When dealing with CMU and pouring multiple courses of block over a footing it is important to make the solution easy. In doing so we will send multiple pieces of rod that allows you to extend the rod through the block by attaching multiple segments of rod.
• Our anchor and rod stack pages will have these anchorage pieces designed and laid out for ease of communication and execution.

Turndown Slab Anchorage

• Depending on the requirement of the job we will work to make anchors into an epoxied solution where possible.
• Anchor Bolts per requirement. Our solution is designed to meet the guidelines of the plan but also to make the job simple. So design will work to make interior anchors post install and to make exterior wall anchors the most economical solution available per the plan requirements.
• If there are embed shear anchors throughout the project then we will make sure to provide a dimension anchor layout to make sure the positioning on the anchors is correct.

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