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  • The FAS BOX Container Program is designed to make the building process and supply even easier. By producing a material list per the requirements of the plan and pre-packing the box in an organized easy to use manner. It makes the selection and management of inventory on site simple and effective.
  • FAS BOX is only available in certain markets.

Key Features

Zero Wast Product –
If you don use it. You don’t pay for it.*

No additional storage or scattered product.

Pay as you go billing.

How it Works?

  • We pack the box to the requirements of the job.
  • We deliver the box to your site.
  • You only get billed for what you use.
  • No rental fees for the box.
  • We refill if necessary.
  • We inventory the box on a biweekly basis.
  • Min/Max budget for each project.



We create a min/max budget for your project by package. This allows you to know what the range of cost could be depending on the on-site loss or waste through unnecessary use.

Service Area

We are only offering the FASBOX Program in select areas at this time.


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